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Ikeda on Urban Planning
January 24, 2010

While reviewing the archives at Market Urbanism, I came across the following interview with Sandy Ikeda, Associate Professor of Economics at Purchase College and contributor at ThinkMarkets. Please take a moment to see what he has to say:


Much to Learn: Links on Haiti
January 23, 2010

1. Bret Stephens: To Help Haiti, End Foreign Aid

2. Lessons from the Tsunami: Too Much of a Good Thing?

3. Peter Foster: What Haiti Needs Is Adam Smith

4. Lessons from Katrina for Haiti

5. Why Haiti Is So Vulnerable

6. The Underlying Tragedy

7. Andy Kershaw: Stop Treating These People Like Savages

8. Haiti and the Broken-Window Fallacy

Pirates, Too, Respond to Incentives
January 12, 2010

The Economist reports:

Plainly there is no purely naval way to stop the pirates. Somalia’s coast is more than 3,000km long. They seem unafraid of the warships. If accosted, the pirates usually dump their guns and grapple-hooks in the sea. The patrolling navies are reluctant to arrest them because of the legal complexities. On the rare occasions when pirates are taken aboard, they are usually given medicine, water and enough fuel to go back to Somalia. Within days they will set off again to seek their prey.